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Zeren Insights – Hiring a Sales Leader

Written by Rob Samet, Partner, Commercial, USA and Harry Lewis, Senior Director of UK Sales, Customer Success and Marketing.


Zeren’s latest insight piece on Hiring a Sales Leader is written for high-growth investor-led Tech companies. Within this free copy, we cover all the key boxes that you need to check and vet when hiring either your first sales or revenue leader, or add-on senior-level sales executives.


Additionally, we provide compensation levels for each of the roles, including base and back-end, with variables that take into account equity percentages, both for the US and Europe. Alongside this, we leverage our collective experience and knowledge from live searches with official data from completed searches over the past two years, to reflect what companies are paying to secure the best commercial talent right now.


Whether you are a Founder or CEO who is hiring a CRO, VP/Head of Sales, or Director of Sales – it is vital that you get it right the first time.


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Zeren Insights - Hiring a Sales Leader