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Planning your next career move in Tech

Calendar icon 3rd June 2020

The reasons why you should be planning your next career move in Tech!


Perhaps more than ever you should be thinking about your next career move…


Many people have experienced a number of different challenges in the job market recently, you might have been put on furlough, made redundant or seen a massive shift at your current company and the market you work in due to CV-19. This is clearly challenging to come to terms with and can be very distressing. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and more than ever you should be thinking ahead to the good things that will naturally come about when we break free of the Corona virus’s grip.


It goes without saying that in times of downturn and relative uncertainty it is vitally important that you are actively planning your career and even more so how best to future proof it for the years ahead.


The good news is that the best tech companies will survive this period and come out stronger. Many of the biggest tech companies we know and love today came out of 2008, think of Spotify, Farfetch and Supercell to name a few.


Further positives can be taken from VC backed exits, which have constantly been on the rise and are becoming more and more profitable meaning VC investments have increased by 80% since 2008. This coupled with the European tech scene really starting to compete on the international stage and gaining a substantial market share of global venture capital means there has never been a better time to launch or scale a start up in Europe. (Source Dealroom)


Additionally, resilient investors have learnt highly valuable lessons from the crash and even more so from the 2008 financial crash and understand that great technology will flourish. To echo this sentiment over the past week we have seen several notable investments into European Tech firms:






With a seemingly continued abundance of VC cash and a willingness to invest in new sectors, means ground breaking start-ups and scale ups across industries such as HealthTech, Online Groceries, EdTech, BioTech, AI, Robotics, FinTech, Gaming, Collaboration SaaS etc have seen rapid growth spurts during these times and overall, many experts see CV-19 as a great catalyst of innovation, with new technologies and sectors being prioritised i.e video conferencing over travel.


The great news is that these new companies and new industries have a limited existing and experienced talent pool to hire from, so will naturally look to hire talent in the market that is a close match. From all of this, our key message is, that out of large-scale disruption, like we are currently experiencing with CV-19 and also saw in 2008, opportunities arise, industries change direction and new companies are born. A seismic shift in the economy creates a ripple effect in demand and requirement of talent and skill sets and this rapid shift opens the door for you to consider new roles and industries, that otherwise wouldn’t have been there before.


So now more, than ever, is the perfect opportunity to consider your career, the sector you are in and really start to explore the emerging and exciting new companies ‘on the block’ and get ahead of the competition by planning your next move early on and future proof your career for years to come by joining the next big tech unicorn.


If you are interested in hearing about the movement and trends we are seeing in the market, and the industries and companies we are currently hiring for, please do get in touch with the team at Zeren.