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Life at Zeren: A Senior Associate’s Perspective

Calendar icon 10th September 2021

By Charlotte Dickinson, a Senior Associate in Zeren’s London office.


Why did you join Zeren?

This is a question that I get asked often. The short answer, is that I have always been curious about the Venture Capital world and the disruptive technology businesses that operate within it. Given that technology and investment are two of the main pillars of the modern world, it is important for me to understand how ‘search’ plays a role in these societal sectors.


Further to this, having always worked in search, the fact that Zeren identifies the future leaders of tomorrow and being a people-orientated person who is genuinely passionate and intrigued by this prospect, it truly made sense to join the team.


What is your role within Zeren?

I am the newest member of the Research function at Zeren, having joined the team as a Senior Associate. My role is to support the wider Consulting team on senior, retained searches across our core functions: Sales and Marketing; Product and Technology and HR, Operations and Finance, via data-driven market-mapping, strategic candidate identification, market intelligence and sales enablement.


What do you enjoy about working at Zeren?

First and foremost is the client base we get to engage with and work for. The fact that the majority of Zeren’s clients are rapidly-scaling, disruptive technology companies is an incredibly exciting space to be immersed within. This client base really gives a snapshot of the world we live in, and which organisations are helping, shaping and transforming it. Not every client is the same; even if some are SaaS-based, or B2B or B2C-type offering, they all have their unique standing within the market that they are a transformative part of. Within my role, I am continually learning about fresh and ‘upcoming’ businesses, and this is what I find intriguing, refreshing and fulfilling.


In addition, the team at Zeren are lovely. I am not just stating this for the record, but having worked at other search firms, the team at Zeren are non-hierarchical, supportive and encouraging. This has made me feel very welcome and I am very excited to be a part of a team that is growing, ambitious and genuine!


What is your opinion on the culture?

The culture of an organisation is so important to me; it makes or breaks your experience with a company. The culture at Zeren is transparent, balanced and supportive, which is everything I could have wished for!


In all sincerity, Zeren has a culture that is warm and welcoming. The team are always there to lend a hand if need be, but also to challenge and encourage you to perform to the best of your ability.


What does the future hold for you?

It is still early days for me at Zeren, however I see two possibilities for what the future holds for me. The first, is to establish myself firmly within the Research function, thereby supporting all Directors and Consultants throughout the firm, whilst helping to grow and lead the Research team at Zeren. Another possibility for me, is to train to become a Consultant in one of Zeren’s functional verticals. Both prospects are exciting, and I still have time to determine where I fit best.


Either way, I will definitely be continuing to work hard within the Zeren team, ensuring that I am supporting my colleagues, and helping the business continue to grow and achieve great things!