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Joining Zeren: An Associate’s Insight

Calendar icon 25th January 2022

By Christina Mantafounis, an Associate within our Research team, based in Zeren‘s London Office.




I joined Zeren as an Associate within the Research team at the beginning of the month. Having only recently turned my attention to the Executive Search sector, I was eager to get started at a growing and ambitious company with exciting plans, and was particularly intrigued in the research-based focus of the role.


Working at Zeren gives me the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most innovative and impressive businesses, and it is this feature of the bustling technology industry, combined with the specialised nature of the research process at Zeren, that drew me to the role so powerfully.


My role at Zeren is primarily a research-based one. Since joining the London team at the start of January, I have been taught how to formulate and implement process-driven, research strategy, and efficiently plan a search in co-ordination with Client Partners and Consultants. One of my favourite things about the Associate role, is that it allows me to develop a deep knowledge across relevant candidates pools, and create an expert understanding of the market-mapping process; I am very much looking forward to continuing to build a network of relationships within such an exciting and dynamic landscape.


There are a number of reasons as to why I genuinely, thoroughly enjoy working at Zeren. Firstly, the company culture itself is incredibly supportive. Zeren is comprised of exceptionally diligent, intelligent, and kind-hearted individuals that are truly passionate about providing the best possible service for their clients. The people at Zeren act as the beating heart at the very centre of the company, and having such a strong team of talented and supportive team members at its core not only makes the environment a delight to work in, but also acts as a crucial, key reason for the company’s rapid and continued success.

Having such a strong team of talented and supportive team members at Zeren‘s core not only makes the environment a delight to work in, but also acts as a crucial, key reason for the company’s rapid and continued success.

It is this impressive level of achievement at the business that also makes Zeren an exciting and enjoyable place to work. There is something fundamentally stimulating about belonging to an organisation that is continuing to grow, flourish and succeed, and I find that there is certainly an excited buzz that exists throughout the office. 


The very nature of working at Zeren, and operating closely alongside their high-growth VC and PE-backed clientele is primarily a stimulating one, and the market positioning of the business itself, within this dynamic, technology-driven space, only enhances this. For me, working with Clients as early-on in their journey as possible, in terms of their growth journey, and building a powerful network of relationships with individuals who are incredibly passionate about their business, is a large part of what makes working at Zeren so appealing and compelling.


Additionally, the team structure itself allows for each individual to both witness and experience all aspects of the search process, as team members work collaboratively alongside one another. This not only acts as an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the various, comprising elements of the search process, but is also inherently valuable in terms of evaluating personal career goals and future direction.


Zeren offers a powerful combination of growth and learning opportunities, and I am looking forward to continuing to build strong connections with Clients and Candidates alike, and I am very much looking forward to the future, working alongside the collaborative and ambitious team here at Zeren to truly help empower the world’s change makers.



If you are looking to continue your career in recruitment or search and you’d like to hear more about the amazing opportunities here at Zeren, please get in touch.


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