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Better Finds?

Calendar icon 19th November 2018

I am constantly talking to clients about the key differences between Zeren and other recruitment firms and while I think there are quite a few (another article, another time…) the major difference for me is the approach we take to finding candidates.


You see, we operate at a level often over-looked or simply not taken seriously by ‘executive search’ firms – but one which is also not a core focus for the ‘contingent’ firms.


This level is referred to by different terms and titles but can be largely covered by the generic job titles of ‘managers, directors and heads-of’.  They are often collectively grouped as ‘senior management’ or ‘sub-board’ positions.


The executive search firms who apply a headhunting methodology to their work are not interested because of the lower salaries (read: fees) and invariably the best approach to assignments of this nature is rarely simply a ‘head hunt’.  Similarly, the ‘contingent’ firms which rely on high volume and high velocity of work, approach each brief as a race to send as many CVs as possible from a huge database – and this database-first approach is also rarely (if ever) the best or complete solution that an assignment of this nature deserves.


All too often I am told by clients that a Head of Product or an Engineering Director, or a VP of Marketing appointment is ‘absolutely critical’ to the future of the business and the need to really identify and hire the right person is acute.  It is because of this and our recognition of the fact that these assignments need to be approached with a search model that is fit for purpose that we like to talk about our methodology and go in to detail about the work we do.  For us, every assignment has 4 approaches which we carry out consistently and efficiently.


Zeren Network

We work with clients across UK, Europe, US and Asia finding Managers, Directors and Heads-of positions to drive their businesses forward.  So where have the team at Zeren spent the last 15 years living and working?  UK, Europe, US and Asia – and so our professional (and personal) networks are rooted across these 4 markets.  We’re not a huge company but we punch hugely above out weight in breadth of network and, by virtue of our size, also in quality and personalised service.


Renovata Recommendations

Zeren is a subsidiary of Renovata which is a market leading, global search firm.  We benefit in many ways but for the focus of this article the real advantage is that we have access to a friendly network of the highest calibre of c-suite professionals from which to generate personal and accurate recommendations of the best and brightest sub-board candidates.  I can’t overemphasize how powerful this is.



Advertising is the no-brainer at this level of recruitment and one really look no further than Linked In to generate volume and unlock the passive candidate market.  I’ve been working on advertised (or ‘selection’ processes, as they used to be called) for my whole career and this still forms a useful part of our sourcing strategy.



This is not, as I mention above, the only answer but it is a core part of a successful process in many instances.  Often our clients want us to target a few specific businesses to ‘tap up’ specific individuals and of course, this is important.  When combined with the other 3 approaches we take – we get a full picture of the talent in any given space.

If your business is looking to hire candidates and you’d like to hear more about how we can help, I’d love to speak.