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Zeren’s Women In Tech Series: Stronger Together

Calendar icon 30th March 2022

We asked our Zeren female, Executive Leaders "What more can be done to encourage and support more women entering the world of Technology?

Strength Together


As a new cohort of Generation Z prepares to enter the workforce, new research from Accenture has revealed that less than a quarter (24%) of young people are confident in securing a Technology job, despite almost half (42%) believing there will be more jobs in Technology throughout 2022 and beyond …


The responses from our female network were refreshingly honest, creative and empowering, and show just how far the Technology ecosystem has already come, with exciting changes remaining achievable and aspiring to work towards!


Pippa Topp, Chief Product Officer and Coach, bravely shared that, “Linguistically, Tech can seem scary. If you don’t have an Engineering background, and are new to a Tech role, having a safe space to ask what may feel like stupid questions could make a real difference to how long you stick at that career, so demystifying Tech, including terminology, will really help towards supporting future leaders in the sector.”


Pascale Anderson Muir, Chief People Officer, adds that promoting role models, creating a network and improving representation will do wonders for women, and we couldn’t be happier to support all those striving for a successful career in high-growth Technology.



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