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Zeren Product & Engineering Remuneration Report 2022

Welcome to our 2022 salary benchmarking report for product and engineering functions within Venture-backed technology businesses.


Real-life data VC-backed technology businesses need

This report leverages our collective experience and knowledge from live searches and candidate data. Therefore reflecting what is actually being paid by companies to secure the best talent right now. Real-time data for businesses who need valuable remuneration insights now.

Sectors analysed

Detailed by sector, our remuneration report focuses on current salary levels and broader compensation trends across the USA, UK and Europe for Product and Engineering functions.

Salary tables are defined by Early Stage (Seed and Series A/B) and Later Stage (Series C and beyond). While there will always be a level of crossover as businesses scale and move through funding rounds, the data is based on searches we have delivered over the last 6 months and the ranges stated reflect the variation in remuneration we see in the market.

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Remuneration Report - Product & Engineering