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Zeren Interim & Consulting Is Growing – Meet Helder Martins

Calendar icon 8th April 2022

By Helder Martins. Helder is a Director at Zeren, and is based within our London office, as a member of our Interim & Consulting division.

Why did I join Zeren? Being completely honest, firstly, it was the name. I thought, “Zeren!? What kind of name is that?”. It sparked my curiosity more than anything, because to me, ‘Zeren’, sounded like a mystical name from ancient Greek times… a Trojan, or a Spartan; I then discovered that ‘Zeren’ translates to a Mongolian Gazelle which represents agility, quick thinking and elegance.


On a more serious note, I was looking for a business that had a great proposition, but especially great people, since having great people brings great values.


We all experienced a pandemic that kept us away from loved ones, where we were compelled to forgo those precious moments in the office. Our cooperation in real-time with colleagues made many of us think, “Who would we really want to work with?”, so, to me, having great people in a team was a number-one priority and the first question in my mind.


When I met Jennifer Brook-Botfield in my first interview, I felt a really great vibe and affinity; the conversation was great and didn’t feel like I was being interviewed! During my subsequent meetings with other business Directors, such as Chris Batters and Will Parkhouse, without any prompt, I quickly gained the right information about the people, culture and the business that Zeren are creating and building. Finally, when I met Chris Preston, Zeren’s CEO, I particularly enjoyed his tone and composure, and I left that day thinking “I could really work here!”


My second question was all around the challenge. What problems are Zeren really trying to solve here? With so many Recruitment businesses out there, and many good ones at that, there had to be a compelling challenge, with a strong mission and vision.


Luckily for me, I managed to find answers to both of the above in Zeren, and I truly hope that together, we can create a positive impact in the Interim Recruitment and Executive Search industry, by providing an excellent experience for Candidates and Clients alike, whilst having a great time with our Colleagues in doing so!


Joining a fast-growing company, with an international footprint and the opportunity to help grow the Interim & Consulting talent solution for high-growth, technology businesses, is a huge bonus!



Zeren exists to empower the world’s change makers. We do this by building high-performing teams in the world’s most innovative businesses, to accelerate growth by connecting visionary leaders and ambitious talent.


We are a leading global Executive Search & Recruitment firm with teams and offices in San Francisco, Houston, New York, London, Berlin and Frankfurt.


We partner with both high growth, VC/PE backed businesses and ambitious Corporate brands placing senior leaders, building exceptional teams, or providing critical interim and consulting talent.