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Zeren attends the Tech Expo for Start-Ups & Cyber Tech Event 2022 in New York

Calendar icon 15th December 2022

By Rob Samet and Stephen Zafarino. Rob is a Partner at Zeren, and manages our Sales and Marketing Practice. Stephen is an Associate Partner in Zeren’s USA Technology Practice.

It’s often great to get away from the PC and enter the real world; shake hands and meet people face-to-face – there is no substitute!

At Zeren, we love tech events. Particularly when we can meet with industry-leading founders and learn about new technologies. Earlier this month, my colleague Stephen Zafarino, and I attended the Tech Expo for Start-Ups and the CyberTech Event 2022, both at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City.


It was a fascinating experience for many reasons. Several companies at the Tech Expo Start-Up event were at Series A funding stage and ranged from B2B Software companies in the supply chain, to employee learning management systems. Interestingly there was also an online pet community platform, modular quick-assembly child daycare centers for corporate company offices, and even a SaaS platform that specialized in taxes for business/personal life called Pallo.


The CyberTech event certainly had many mature companies represented. Several of those were Israeli-based, where there is always cutting-edge innovative technology being released. There was also a business development lead present from the Government of Israel Economic Mission Department, helping to bridge the gap with the US. Some of the trends we saw on the technology side in Cyber were advanced penetration hacking testing from companies such as SoCyber , to ItsMine, which is a new innovative DLP (Data Loss Protection) platform for scattered data among remote employees.


Stephen Zafarino, Associate Partner within Zeren’s USA Technology Practice, adds:


“The conference highlighted many things, but the two common concerns were software supply chain security and hybrid workforce protection, which have resolutions created by AI and Machine Learning. With remote employees at an all-time high since the pandemic, How do we know who is actually behind the computer when people are not in the office? Plurilock, for example, utilizes artificial intelligence to identify, prevent, and eliminate insider threats in an organization by using behavioral, environmental, and contextual signals with its continuous authentication solution.  There is an increased development of open-source supply chain attacks, which are becoming harder to detect. Checkmarx invested heavily in ML to stay ahead of these increased and advanced threats.”


Zeren partners with investor-led technology businesses from Venture Capital backed Series A through F to Private Equity funded scale-ups. Essentially when a company has the budget to start hiring initial key strategic hires, for their senior management team to functional leads, all the way to front-line individual contributors. Additionally, Zeren is well-positioned to make a range of introductions to our network for funding and partners if necessary for our clients.


It was valuable to network with many new and exciting companies that are looking to become the next-generation leaders in their respective space. It’s clear that start-ups are still going strong and are the lifeblood of the tech space!


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