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Zeren attends the CoreNet Global Summit event in Chicago

Calendar icon 23rd November 2022

By Monika Dowal. Monika is a Partner at Zeren, leading our US Technology Practice.

LAs the world seeks to realign and define the new workforce normal, corporate real estate (CRE), its customers,  and the businesses they serve are looking for answers to how it all works together. Recently, Zeren attended the CoreNet Global Summit event in Chicago to gain perspectives on how CRE, Tech and HR continue to work together on answering tough questions, leading the charge and offering new solutions to the ever-changing workforce landscape.


Supporting and managing a hybrid workforce was at the forefront of mind for both suppliers and visitors.  The new post-pandemic landscape created a huge tech market for optimization, cost-reduction, data-driven workflow management and enablement technology.  Everything from enhancing digital workplace experience, managing meetings and travel to making environmentally conscious decisions.  The event offered thought-provoking content and speakers (who refreshingly didn’t always agree), as well as an abundance of suppliers supporting CRE space.


The commercial real estate market has evolved drastically since the pandemic began in 2020, and it created a need for talent that views the hybrid workplace model as an opportunity for innovation and industry disruption. This event offered an insight into some of the biggest players in the industry and their continual need to hire the best of the best within tech, sales, and operations.