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When is the best time to hire Data Scientists?

By Chris Batters. Chris a Senior Director at Zeren, leading the UK Technology and Product functions, specialising Engineering and Data.

As businesses increasingly turn to data-driven decision-making, the need for data scientists is becoming ever more popular. Data scientists have the skills and expertise to interpret large volumes of data and uncover insights that can help businesses to develop better strategies and maximize their potential.


However, the main question start-ups need to ask themselves, is what challenges do they need a Data Scientist to solve right now. At its most fundamental level, Data Scientists use a range of analytical techniques to uncover insights from data, using data visualisation tools to make data easier to interpret. With this expertise, they can help to provide a better understanding of customer behaviours and business opportunities.


Overall, they can help make decisions based on data-driven analysis, rather than relying solely on human emotion and sometimes guesswork. Therefore, a major benefit is having the tools to better understand your customers and unlock new opportunities within your business domain.


There are many positives to investing in the Data Science world

  • They can help you make informed, data-driven decisions. By analysing large datasets, data scientists can uncover correlations, identify trends and draw conclusions that can help you make more informed decisions
  • They can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs. By identifying patterns in data, data scientists can help you optimise processes and streamline operations, resulting in cost savings.
  • Finally, and arguably most importantly, they can help you better understand your customer base. By analysing customer interactions, data scientists can help you gain key insights into customer behaviour, enabling you to tailor your products to customer needs.


However, it is important not to expect a data scientist to fix all your data challenges, and most companies (especially start-ups lacking data maturity) beginning their data journey should not start with Data science as the main solution.


Disadvantages of hiring data scientists

  • Your company may be too early stage and hiring a Data Scientist too soon, maybe a waste of time and resource
  • Cost can also be a factor, as Data scientists can be expensive to recruit, with salaries ranging into the six-figure territory. On top of this, they require the right infrastructure to work with, such as data storage and analysis tools, which can also be costly.
  • Data scientists also require a certain degree of technical expertise. They need to be able to interpret data, identify trends and use the right techniques to draw meaningful conclusions.


There are obviously many advantages to hiring a data science expert for your organisation, but it is important that the decision is weighed with whether you need that experience right now and whether your data journey is far enough along to reap the benefits.