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HR Tech Trends for 2023

HR technology is ever-evolving, and 2023 promises to bring new and innovative solutions that will transform the way HR departments operate.


As a recruiter within the HR and EdTech space, here are my beliefs on the top HR technology trends for 2023:


AI & VR: AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in HR, and 2023 will see its use expand even further. From chatbots to automate repetitive tasks, to machine learning algorithms that can help with employee engagement. VR will continue to grow in prevalence, with companies such as Gemba, recently raising £14.6m Series A, the potential for AI and VR in HR is limitless.


Employer Branding: 2023 will see a rise in HR technology solutions that help companies build and promote their employer brand. From social media management tools to employee referral programs, HR tech will continue to be an essential part of the recruitment and retention process.


Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics will play a major role in HR in 2023, as organizations use data to make informed decisions about staffing, pay and benefits, and performance management. Businesses such as Ravio, are enabling employers to stay competitive by utilising salary benchmarking data, equity comparisons and benefit overviews. Analytics platforms with AI capabilities can assist with things like identifying employee leave trends and helping leadership teams make strategic decisions. Look out for the continuing trend of HR tech solutions that use machine learning and big data to help companies make more informed decisions about their workforce.


Employee Listening: It’s become evident in the diverse workforce of today that employees’ needs and preferences vary greatly. PWC’s Global Workforce Survey found that two in three employees found their voice is not heard or listened to within their organisation. Platforms such as Workday’s Peakon, give employers real- time insight to take action to engage and empower teams. Data-driven insights from broad and inclusive listening are critical elements to engaging and retaining talent.


Payroll, Tax & Compliance: As remote and hybrid working is now ingrained practises and the war for talent continues, businesses are continuing to broaden their geographical horizons when looking for talent; businesses such as com allow companies to hire and grow global teams, removing the traditional complexities of managing payroll, benefits, and taxes.


In conclusion, HR technology will continue to shape the way organizations operate, and 2023 promises to bring new and innovative solutions that will transform the HR landscape. From AI & VR to predictive analytics, HR tech will play a critical role in helping organizations navigate the challenges of the new year and beyond.


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