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Hiring Playbook: Your next Marketing Leader

Marketing Hiring Playbook

Compiled and written by Tom Pearce. Tom is the Director of Zeren’s UK Marketing division, specialising in Growth, Digital, Brand, and Product Marketing.

The early-stage investment market is still buoyant and there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about 2023. Global VC has more dry powder than ever with a record £489 billion raised in 2022.


With any business, establishing a go-to-market function is critical to its success and marketing plays a huge role in this department. We have seen this past year, tech businesses continuing to double their marketing efforts and investments, focused on brand architecture, racing for product-market fit, and moving from lead gen to demand gen initiatives.


Our experience of partnering with CEOs, Founders, and Investors in this domain, helping guide and consult their marketing departments, through pre-seed to series D has given us a well-rounded view of the considerations each business leader needs to be mindful of when defining their marketing and GTM strategy.


In this Hiring Playbook, Tom covers:

  • Five considerations when hiring your Marketing Leader
  • What positions you should focus on hiring based on your stage of growth
  • The critical hires and level of hires that you need to consider at your stage of growth


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Marketing Hiring Playbook