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Here’s why the tech job market is booming and welcoming diversity  

By Lucy Oliver. Lucy is a Senior Associate at Zeren and also works in our Embedded Recruitment Team.

The Impact of Tech Job Market Growth on Diversity 

In recent years, the tech job market has experienced unprecedented growth and expansion. This surge not only creates opportunities for tech companies but also opens doors for underrepresented groups in the industry. Diversity is more than just a buzzword; it’s a catalyst for innovation and success. 

The inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds, spanning ethnicity, race, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and more, brings a wealth of perspectives and skills to the table. When these diverse talents collaborate, they generate innovative solutions and fresh ideas. Diversity is not just a checkbox; it’s a driver of productivity and creativity. 

Moreover, when underrepresented groups see themselves represented in the tech industry, it creates a sense of belonging and inspires others to pursue tech careers. This positive feedback loop results in increased diversification and, subsequently, more innovation and inclusivity in the industry. 


Successful Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives in Tech 

One company making strides in fostering diversity and inclusion is Personio, where I had the privilege to speak with Diversity Equity and Inclusion Partner, Holly Smith. Personio introduced a Diversity Dashboard and launched the “Count Me In” campaign in 2022, allowing employees to share their unique experiences and perspectives. 

Personio established six company-wide resource groups, covering areas such as racial representation, cultural diversity, accessibility, women, LGBTQ+ Allies, and families. These groups have played a pivotal role in fostering inclusivity, from advising on gender-neutral bathrooms to ensuring family and prayer rooms in their new Amsterdam office. 

In addition to resource groups, Personio provides training to their leaders on identifying and eliminating bias; employees have access to family support and mental healthcare through PersonioCares; and the company is actively working to remove gendered language from their job descriptions and product. This year, their “Count Me In” campaign saw a significant increase in participation year-over-year, reflecting the positive impact on employer branding and inclusivity.  


Proactive Steps for Founders and Business Leaders 

Founders and business leaders can take several proactive steps to promote diversity and equity within their tech organizations, ultimately contributing to business success and innovation: 

  • Establish a clear vision and commitment to diversity and equity. 
  • Actively participate in diversity initiatives, as exemplified by Personio’s senior leadership team. 
  • Create anonymous forums for honest feedback. 
  • Provide training on diversity and inclusion.
  • Implement inclusive hiring practices, including bias-free job descriptions and training for recruitment teams.

Tech Job Market Impact on Hiring Practices 

The booming tech job market has led to changes in hiring practices. Companies are becoming more flexible in their criteria to accommodate a wider range of candidates. Remote work options enable access to talent from different places and cultures, catering to caregivers and enhancing diversity and inclusion. Companies are also shifting focus from strict educational qualifications to skills and potential, recognising the value of diverse skill sets. 


Embracing Diversity in Tech 

To embrace diversity in hiring practices and corporate culture, tech companies should consider the following advice: 

  • Develop and commit to a diversity and inclusion strategy aligned with company goals. 
  • Educate and train leaders and employees to foster inclusivity and allyship. 
  • Establish initiatives and employee resource groups. 
  • Hire DEI officers/partners to support and implement strategies. 
  • Utilise technology to reduce bias in hiring processes, such as anonymous screening. 
  • Train talent teams to eliminate unconscious bias. 

Zeren and Personio: Pioneering Diversity in Tech 

At Zeren, we’re committed to promoting diversity in the tech industry through strategic approaches. Personio’s dedication to diversity and inclusion serves as an inspiring example. Their initiatives, like eliminating bias and removing gendered language from job descriptions, resonate with our mission. We believe that fostering diversity isn’t merely a goal; it’s the catalyst behind tech innovation and success. 

The tech job market’s growth presents a golden opportunity to champion diversity and inclusivity. Companies that embrace these principles not only contribute to a more innovative and dynamic industry but also create a brighter future for underrepresented groups seeking opportunities and belonging in the tech world.