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Digital Transformation within the energy sector

By Chris Batters and Will Parkhouse.

In the fast-paced energy industry, organisations are embracing digital transformation to drive sustainable change and revolutionise their operations. In two distinct case studies, we showcase our success in recruiting top technology-focused leaders who spearheaded transformative initiatives for Launchpad and NG Digital, ultimately shaping the future of their respective organisations.


Case Study 1: Launchpad’s Visionary Tech Venture

Launchpad, in partnership with BP, sought technology-focused leaders who could lead sustainable transformation and contribute to the creation and expansion of a visionary portfolio of digitally-driven enterprises. Our extensive search in the UK’s technology landscape resulted in successful hires for critical positions such as CTO and Head of Cyber. We addressed the challenge of effectively communicating Launchpad’s vision by developing a comprehensive briefing deck, emphasizing Launchpad’s commitment to supporting energy sector start-ups. This case study showcases our ability to attract top talent and foster a thriving ecosystem of innovative energy ventures.

View Launchpad Case Study 


Case Study 2: Supporting NG Digital’s Digital Transformation

National Grid embarked on a digital transformation journey by establishing NG Digital with the objective of delivering exceptional digital solutions. To ensure success, NG Digital needed leaders with experience in high-growth technology start-ups who could assemble proficient technical teams and scale operations effectively. Our recruitment efforts focused on streamlining the interviewing and job offer process, collaborating closely with the executive team. Additionally, we worked to align compensation with market trends to attract the best talent. This case study highlights our role in filling critical leadership positions, including Director of Product, Director of Software Engineering, and Head of Engineering, enabling NG Digital to foster a product-centric culture and excel in the digital landscape.

View National Grid Case Study 


Through our strategic leadership recruitment approach, we have proven our ability to identify and recruit technology-focused leaders who drive sustainable transformation and innovation within the energy industry. By partnering with Launchpad on its visionary tech venture and supporting NG Digital’s digital transformation, we have played a pivotal role in shaping the future of these industry-leading companies. Our success in filling critical management roles demonstrates our expertise in navigating the unique challenges of attracting top talent and supporting digital evolutions.

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