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A Powerhouse of Alliances: Why I Joined Zeren

Calendar icon 8th December 2021

By Tom Pearce, Director of Marketing, based in Zeren’s London Office.

Throughout my recruiting career, I’ve been lucky enough to have always worked in the Digital and Technology sector, from starting out in Digital Design and then moving into the Digital Marketing industry.  One thing I always recommend to anyone considering a career in Recruitment is that they find a sector they are truly passionate about and I’m thankful I found mine early on.

When discovering Zeren, I wasn’t looking for a new role. In fact, I was very happy where I was. However, since joining Zeren, it seems most of my new colleagues were in a very similar situation when they decided to come onboard too and it’s a testament to how big the pulling factor is to join this business. I’ll add some context.

First, I learnt that the company was very deeply ingrained in high growth technology (one of the most exciting areas to be in Executive Search, in my opinion). It was clearly apparent that the relationships Zeren has are right at the epicentre of where headcount plans and senior leadership appointments are made, directly with Founders, C-Suite Execs and Investors.

Then I met the leadership team. Chris Preston, our Managing Director, has built and led teams across some of the most recognised search firms in the world. Instantly feeling his passion for the business and the team he has built was the best kind of infectious energy and I had to continue the discussion and develop an even further understanding of the business and legacy of Zeren – that’s when I learnt about Renovata, our sister-company as well as L-Capital, the company’s co-invest growth fund. It’s a powerhouse of alliances, with all businesses focused on driving the group forward, and this explained how Zeren has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in search and team recruitment across the technology landscape.

When looking back over my experience so far, I’ve loved learning about new sectors, industries and disciplines. From being one of the first hires at a start-up agency and scaling the business to over 30 people with expansions into new markets, and also building new recruitment product offerings, it’s shaped my career (some would say) early on. It is probably why exploring Zeren’s opportunity was a ‘no-brainer’ when it was presented to me. You could say it was the search version of being handed Willy Wonka’s “golden ticket”.

My role at Zeren is to lead the UK Marketing practice and really develop and build out our capability to partner with our clients across the UK and Europe, while working closely with our colleagues in the US teams.  With the experience I have had in the past and the appeal of joining somewhere only three years young with an enormous vision for growth, it felt like a great match. With 2022 just around the corner and the markets busier than ever, I’m certain the company’s future is a bright one.

If you are looking to continue your career in recruitment or search and you’d like to hear more about the amazing opportunities here at Zeren, please get in touch!