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500 Days at Zeren, By Thibault Lamy

Calendar icon 11th August 2022

By Thibault Lamy. Thibault is a Senior Consultant at Zeren, and is a member of our Commercial hiring vertical in the UK.

The 12th of March 2021 was the day I signed my contract with Zeren.


It feels as though it was only a few of days ago that I received the phone call from Chris Preston making me an offer! He asked me about my thoughts, and whether I needed the weekend to think about the opportunity facing me, and deep down, I knew the right thing was to say “yes” on the spot. I was right to trust my instinct!


The most incredible thing about Zeren is that it only took them 48 hours to convince me to join, as I had been talking to other agencies for over 3 weeks and still having doubts.


Two weeks later, on the 29th of March (500 days ago, today), I started the most incredible journey a Recruitment Consultant could (and should) dream of. It only took me a couple of hours in the office, on my first day, to fully understand that I had made the right decision, and ever since, it has been the place for me to showcase my skills, whilst learning and developing my career.


A shiny and ergonomic white desk was waiting for me when I arrived, and I sat between Olivia Lee and Liam Peoples. Now that I think about it, I should thank Hannah and Harry, as it was certainly the best seat in the office. Olivia and Liam are two of the most talented and social-skilled people I’ve had the chance to meet. I am proud to have them as colleagues and call them friends now.


I was employee number 9 and we are now over 60 globally; a feat achieved in less than 15 months! I have seen the development of people, departments, and territories in such a fascinating way. Everything fits into place perfectly, which is a credit to the organisational structure and the hiring strategy put in place.


The best part of being at Zeren is working with an incredible pool of talent, that in my opinion, form the best in the market; from Researchers to Directors and up to Senior Leadership. Every day I learn from my colleagues, and I have mentors at every step to help guide me. The Directors and C-Level are challenging the way I think every day, and we’ve achieved so much success in a non-KPI driven environment, making this the dream Recruitment job that I was looking for.


Thanks to the fantastic support from everybody, our client network and to all the Top Tier VCs and PE Funds we work with, it took me only 15 months to achieve a 3-year ambition of mine, and I even ended up being the top biller of H1, 2022.


I am grateful for all the help and support from everybody, and the incredible foundation that we are building at Zeren, especially in the Go-to-Market team. Working with the most knowledgeable and personable people in the market is the fundamental reason I joined Zeren, and I do believe that if you feel you are the most talented person in the room, you are probably in the wrong room.


We are hiring now more than ever, at all levels and in all regions, including the US, the UK, and across EMEA. Please do contact me for more information, and I’d be more than happy to meet for a coffee or arrange a call.



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