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5 Questions: Insight from Liam Peoples

Calendar icon 1st June 2020

5 Questions


As businesses start to emerge from lockdown, here are the questions we are getting asked


Almost everyone and everything is having to find (and adapt to) a new normal. From entire industries down to individual job roles, there is a tidal wave of change happening across the board.


Job-hunting and recruitment are absolutely no exception. With businesses cutting costs; candidate-heavy markets; and remote interviewing processes, there has been a seismic shift.


Naturally, the conversations we at Zeren are having daily with candidates and hiring managers alike involve plenty of questions. For the most part, many of these remain the same from call to call.


Here are five of the most common questions and our thoughts on each.


1) What are you seeing in market?


It goes without saying but it’s a strange market at the moment. It would be easy to say that it’s a tough market for job seekers but there are plenty of positive indicators that shouldn’t be ignored.


For example, shortly after the lockdown a significant minority of our recruitment projects went on ‘hold’ but are now starting to change back to live projects as clients slowly but surely look to the future.  Roles, for the most part, have been delayed but not cancelled.


Secondly, more and more businesses continue to close significant funding rounds. Continued investment is a strong indicator of the buoyancy and resilience of the tech market.


Thirdly, in some instances we see clients asking us for new types of candidates, to add new strength or depth in areas they weren’t focused on 3 months ago – priorities change, opportunities have presented themselves and the tech sector loves to pivot!


Lastly, this is temporary. The low point appears to have been April where employers were scrambling to react but now the sentiment is focused on looking ahead to June and July and where the opportunities lie.


2) Is now a good time to consider changing jobs?


Absolutely. Perhaps that might seem a little biased considering our line of work, so here’s another angle…


Nearly all of us have more time on our hands. Even outside of the furlough scheme, you might be saving the hour commute in and out of London or maybe you’re simply more efficient working from home.


Make the most of that time. Take the opportunity – as many have already done – to invest some time into understanding your values, your goals, and whether they might be better realised in another business.


Take counsel. Talk to mentors; utilise your network; perhaps even speak to a recruitment consultant or two…


Clients are increasingly treating this point in the cycle as an opportunity to acquire talent that may not be ordinarily available so why not be part of that pool of candidates?


3) In such a candidate-heavy market, how can I make sure I stand out from other applicants?


Your part.


Again, invest time into the process. Take the opportunity to work on how you are presenting yourself to the market.


When was the last time you updated your CV? Update it. Is your LinkedIn profile fleshed out enough so that potential employers and headhunters have everything they need to know? Add more. How many referrals, testimonials and recommendations do you have? Add more.


Our part.


Hiring managers and companies trust referrals. If your CV is sat in an inbox after clicking ‘apply’, chances are it will stay there longer than if you’re introduced via a third party.


ZEREN have a large network of clients and hiring managers to whom we can make active introductions on your behalf. Speak to us about our relationships to see where we can help.


If you are a great candidate and are motivated to find a new role, we can absolutely help you achieve this.


4) My industry has been hit hard and I’ve lost my job. How can I futureproof myself so that it doesn’t happen again?


Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball. Fortunately, we don’t need one.


For every area of tech that has been hit hard, there are plenty which are excelling. Research into the types of businesses and industries which are thriving in the current climate (and which have a strong track record of growth). Current examples are areas like Video Conferencing Software, EdTech and HealthTech.


Fortunately, the world of software – particularly software sales – is highly transferable. Speak with industry connections and third parties like Zeren to gain a deeper understanding of which industry might make the most sense for you.


5) What happens next?


Whilst there is an element of uncertainty in what’s to come, it’s clear that businesses have adapted swiftly and effectively to match the demands of the current climate.


Positively, more and more businesses are already executing altered recruitment and remote onboarding processes. Naturally, more businesses will follow suit and thus begins the ‘new normal’.


TL;DR – Get in touch with our expert consultants to discuss the market, assess your current situation and plan your next move.


Written by Liam Peoples, Senior Consultant @ Zeren. Contact him at