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Talent Mapping and Intelligence; Delivering the Competitive Edge

Calendar icon 24th June 2021

Our mission at Zeren is to empower the world’s change-makers. As we partner with new clients, and continue to serve our existing, we are acutely aware of the ‘opportunity cost’ of not securing the right talent, at the right time.

In an increasingly borderless, remote-first world, recruitment projects must be well planned and strategic in nature, if ambitious organisations are going to thrive.  Here at Zeren, we are critically aware that identifying and securing top talent, in the most competitive of markets, must involve several methodologies:

  • Our Candidate Network is an established and trusted sourcing partner. Our enduring relationships with both our clients and candidates, built through numerous searches across the high-growth technology landscape, make us very well-placed to receive referrals and introductions to high quality talent who would otherwise be ‘off-market’.
  • This network extends to that of our partner business, Renovata & Company. The relationships at the C-Suite provide an excellent insight into the sub-board, up and coming talent or “rockstars!”
  • Our highly specialist team approach the market with a clear mandate; match our client’s talent requirement with those of our candidates’ professional aspirations and ambitions.
  • Advertising is often overlooked, but with a targeted approach and a compelling message, we receive a high-quality response.

With our network of highly disruptive and innovative clients, it is most common to be engaged on assignments which involve a high degree of nuance and complexity, with a harder-to-identify blend of skills, and heightened experience to solve.


This is why we have built an impressive talent mapping and intelligence capability which powers our exceptional client delivery across core metrics such as timescales, candidate quality and market positioning, but is also utilised across a number of client requirements:

  • 1. Organisational Design and Capability
  • 2. Diversity and Inclusion
  • 3. Talent Pipelining
  • 4. Rewards and Benefits
  • 5. Building a compelling Employer Value Proposition

We know that hyper-growth organisations have a wide variety of pressures to manage: investor expectations, an ambitious and determined internal team, and competition in new markets with new products; as such, our data-driven approach to sourcing and securing talent provides all stakeholders with a clear view of the search strategy, our focus and areas where we, as a partnership, can deliver a competitive edge.  


Whilst our client delivery teams are highly specialised across specific functions, levelling and geographies (US, EMEA), our internal research capability is functionally agnostic and supports across all geographies. This is a highly compelling proposition as the search strategy, whilst flexible in each assignment, leverages the centralised talent data, internal process and focus on quality. This is beneficial to both clients and our internal teams for many reasons:

  • 1. Talent geographical information is readily available to access and analyse (and is great for the rise of the Remote workforce).
  • 2. Competitive intelligence (at an organisational level) is easier to identify and serve both client and search strategy.
  • 3. Diversity in assignments and delivery is an attractive proposition for the research team, to work with different members of the client delivery team and allows for the greatest platform for career development.

Our Associates that deliver our talent insights are leveraging the latest tools, technologies and training to help deliver best-in-class results, and the output is highly regarded across our business. We have an exceptional knowledge management system, the most talented client partners in the industry to learn functional specialisms from (Technology, Operations and Commercial) and a platform for fast career progression, market-leading remuneration and all the day-to-day benefits of working within a flexible, high-performing and ambitious team.


If you are a hyper-growth organisation, looking for a partner to help you secure the competitive edge in the talent market then please do get in touch.


If you are talent professional who is motivated by delivering high-quality client outcomes, then we want to hear from you! #hiring