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Dan Clouting
Dan Clouting
Senior Consultant

Senior QA Engineer

Fully Remote – Globally Distributed

Zeren have partnered with a mission-driven video communication tool that utilises AI & Data to drive employee engagement feedback for deskless remote workforces.

Their mission started in 2021 and we have rapidly scaled by delivering our technology to some of the world’s largest blue-chip brands and recently raised VC Seed stage investment alongside backing by some of the most recognisable leaders in the HR Tech space.

Remote workers make up 80% of the world’s workforce and Natter want to help large global businesses empower their employees by giving them a voice by utilising our video AI technology which can drive sentiment of workers back to global HR functions and drive change.
They are only at the beginning of our journey and are looking for people who are excited about working for a mission-driven business in which they can make a real impact.


The Role

As a Senior QA Engineer at Natter, you'll take the lead in guaranteeing the quality of their platform, contributing to the creation of captivating user experiences and innovative interactions.


  • Video Support Experience: Ideally, you will have expertise in video support as it is the cornerstone of their quality assurance process. You'll ensure that the video aspects of their platform are flawless, creating an immersive and engaging experience for their users.


  • Debugging and Scenario Recreation: You should have the ability to debug and recreate scenarios. By meticulously recreating real-world scenarios, you'll identify potential issues and ensure their platform's robustness.


  • Multi-Medium Translation: Their platform spans multiple mediums and channels, including mobile web. Experience in translating functionality across these various mediums is beneficial as it will play a pivotal role in delivering a consistent and outstanding user experience.


  • Automated Testing Champion: Automated testing is at the core of their QA strategy. Your experience in this area should enable you to create and maintain efficient and effective testing suites that ensure the reliability of their platform.

Professional Background:

  • Early-Stage Impact: Ideally, you will have previously worked near the very start of a company’s journey. This experience in dynamic environments will be invaluable as they collectively shape Natter’s growth trajectory.


  • Guiding Projects: Experience leading projects and taking ownership will be beneficial as you will be doing this from day one. Your ability to guide and collaborate will be instrumental in turning ideas into reality.


  • Enterprise Clients: Experience building for large enterprise clients would be a plus. This knack for understanding complex needs and delivering tailored solutions will contribute to your success with Natter.

Natter is your canvas to explore, innovate, and make an impact. They're not looking for the perfect background; they're looking for passion and a shared vision and so if you do not possess all the above, please do not hesitate to apply.


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