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Director of Customer Success Digital

Alan Fecamp


  • Digital Touch –
  • This is a director level position (i.e., first level people manager)
  • Been there, done that, knows what good looks like. They’ve worked at similar sized $100M+ ARR SaaS, high growth companies as people leaders for CSE teams
  • In the case of step-up into a promotion-through-hire, they should have worked with larger companies (e.g., Salesforce) and are looking to step up into a larger role


  • They will lead times sized between 6 to 8 Customer Success Executives
  • Urgency & alacrity are big; they need to learn quickly, work fast, and be available
  • Data & analytics are a big part of this role; it’s not just how many dashboards you have in front of you, it’s how you use the data
  • Process is big; what is the methodology they will use to teach, educate, & manage their teams (e.g., qualification vs. disqualification criteria, relationship management, forecasting habits)
  • Leadership principals in order to bring in the top talent, retain them, and develop the existing talent toward commercial excellence
  • Knows how to get the team to drive value and enable their customers; they (and their teams) will be comped on NRR (Net Retained Revenue), which = retention/renewal + expansion – contraction – churn
  • This is a commercial leadership role; we want to grow our business at our existing customer base. This isn’t just about customer service.
  • Enterprise are customers $2B annual revenue on up, Corporate is $2B to $250M, Tech Touch is any customer that wants self-service
  • Enterprise account density is 5 to 20 accounts per CSE, Corporate is 80 to 100 accounts per CSE, Digital is 350 to 500 accounts per CSE
  • What we require of you
  • Very strong usage of data and automation to manage cost-to-serve while maintaining predictable retention, incremental expansion, identification of potential “next big customer”, and minimizing churn/contraction
  • Stays up on current trends to maximize team performance; do more with fewer people BUT with more digital resources (e.g., chatbots, RPA, auto-generated health reports)
  • Strong collaboration with other teams to reach out to large cohorts of customers (e.g., monthly health reports, quarterly value engineering reports on ROI or NPV)
  • Strong understanding of industry tools and data sources (e.g., Totango, Pendo, ZoomInfo, Salesforce,, other 3rd-party & vendor data)
  • Process optimization expert to maximize customer coverage and experience, utilizing efficient and sensible process design that supports automation or very-low touch

What you’ll love about Siteimprove

Siteimprove is a people-centric company driven by the desire to make the internet better for all. We thrive on putting the customer first and developing the potential of our employees. Here, you’ll be surrounded by highly talented colleagues, which means there’s always someone to learn from. The many opportunities for personal growth that we offer are a direct consequence of the rapid growth we are experiencing as a company. Our amazing growth journey clearly shows that there’s big potential in creating a better and more inclusive web for all, which is what Siteimprovers do.  

We also offer amazing perks!

  • Great and inspiring Company Culture – we are passionate, innovative and people-centric. We’re consistently named as a great place to work across the globe.
  • Amazing team with lots of socials + pool & table tennis in the office
  • Outstanding Office Location – we are located at Monument
  • Health care, generous annual leave & pensio
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