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Chief Operating Officer
The Chief Operating Office is a Board level position, sitting alongside CEO and Chief Vision Officer.   The COO will run a pan European logistics and support function to deliver 1,000s of orders every day to customers across Europe with a focus on the EU5.  The COO will manage over €10m of costs and play a critical role in delivering group synergies and optimizing Net Promoter Score. 
The successful candidate should be

  • Fluent in both French and English
  • Experienced in ecommerce and multi-warehouse logistics
  • An excellent problem solver
  • Highly detail orientated
  • Entrepreneurial
  • An aspiring future leader
  • A team player

Longer term, the role is a great potential stepping stone to another COO role or a CEO in a PE backed business after a successful exit.
Package includes equity based long term incentive plan.


  1. Lead pan European logistics network
    1. Lead group wide logistics function including
      1. Owned warehouses
      2. Third party logistics providers
      3. Carriers
      4. Returns partners
      5. Dropship partners
    2. Lead group side synergies and optimizing delivered cost per order from the logistics network including
      1. Leveraging group scale across all areas
      2. Driving network efficiency
      3. Refining order construction (eg ship as ready, hold to complete) to minimise cost to serve whilst optimising customer satisfaction, including managing inbound / outbound duty, shipping costs, etc
    3. Develop the right long term logistics framework to profitably support long term growth
  2. Deliver world class customer support every day to every customer
    1. Lead group customer support from the teams split across
      1. In-house teams
      2. Contractors
      3. Agencies
    2. Optimise the group structure to effectively handle seasonal peaks and troughs in an efficient and effective way
    3. Lead group customer support to optimise lifetime value ensuring high quality support for all our customers across multiple languages and formats (phone, email and chat)
    4. Develop and build the long term customer support function
  3. Manage Group facilities
  4. Responsible for key business indicators
    1. Net Promoter Score/CSAT
    2. Delivery within estimated dispatch date
    3. Cost to serve an order
    4. Develop and build out supplier score cards to help manage long term quality for our customers
  5. Own both Corporate risk register and Group health and security policy
  6. Lead Group ESG action plan

The role does not cover

  • Technology – we are a tech company so we will have a group level CTO
  • BI / Data
  • Marketing
  • Commercial
  • Group Production&Merchandising
  • Strategy
  • HR and specifically French workers council related topics
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